The AA providing services for people on bicycles?

The Canadian version of the AA to my amazement had a stall at Velocity in Vancouver. Essentially the AAA in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon & Idaho are now providing a breakdown rescue service similar to that offered to cars. I suggested to the woman on the stall that they might be seeing the writing on the wall; that their business will shrink if they don’t embrace alternatives as car use becomes too expensive & people move away from car use for environmental & lifestyle reasons. She agreed with my appraisal. I think we need to start lobbying our respective AAs to promote this kind of change in other countries. What do you think?

This is a link to a post from the League of American Bicyclists blog which gives more details AAA Washington To Provide Emergency Bicycle Service.

The CAA are also producing information materials helping people to select bikes for their children & providing advice about ‘safe’ cycling. They are pretty conservative leaflets & I’m not sure that I’d agree with all of the content but it’s an interesting development.

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3 Responses to The AA providing services for people on bicycles?

  1. Tracey says:

    What a brilliant – and so sensible – idea. I’m eyeing that leaflet about buying your children a bike…I’d really like to know: what is the content that you don’t agree with, and what informs that disagreement??

    • cycologiser says:

      I think the mesage is a bit inconsistent – saying that a bike isn’t a toy but then including a photo that looks like it was taken in a toy shop. I think the injury focus is a bit heavy handed, kids are run over on driveways & killed in cars etc but taking data out of any comparative analysis just reinforces the bike = death logic. Also there is no coverage of balance bikes which I think are the best recent innovation to allow kids to learn bike balance before they pedal. I would also like to see tag-alongs (kids’ bike attached to back of parents’ bike) included as an important step in on road pedalling experience.

  2. Tracey says:

    That all makes sense. It isn’t difficult to raise an element of fear for any parent to begin with – little reinforcement needed! M tried a balance bike recently and they seem fantastic. I remember you and Jane suggesting them a while ago. Revised brochure as part of a submission to AA? :)

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